Here lies the torment Of every third night That clamours at the doors  And rattles window panes Here lies the torment That scraps the morning call And weaves uneasy dread Of a great grand failure   Continue reading Ah

One-night stand

Isn’t it odd That I’ve seen you naked And I’ve known you for all of half an hour That you’ve grown and wept, eaten and laughed, taught and learned with and from people who have not seen you naked And I barely know your name Someone out there knows the worst and the best of … Continue reading One-night stand

Three phases in a day 

There’s a zephyr, wanders through silver birches, common birds traipse leisurely, their lilac timbre rehearsal for an audience wearied into earlessness; gnawed to stubs by lovers, brutish, remedied in tender, orchestral blank space; of greys, olives, magnolias, a breathy dullness minsconstrued as funereal  I find it invigorating; background scenery I dangle trains of thought as bed linen … Continue reading Three phases in a day