Three phases in a day 

There’s a zephyr, wanders through silver birches, common birds traipse leisurely, their lilac timbre rehearsal for an audience wearied into earlessness; gnawed to stubs by lovers, brutish, remedied in tender, orchestral blank space; of greys, olives, magnolias, a breathy dullness minsconstrued as funereal  I find it invigorating; background scenery I dangle trains of thought as bed linen … Continue reading Three phases in a day 


 Love, oh love Deathless composition, I tossed, turned, muted it Holding the deepest grudge, it stopped one night, Swear it tutted, set the volume to full blast The horror! The horror! It split my skull perfectly Drawing back and back, the shawl on the floor, till my skin was on show, versing me in sadness and … Continue reading Whale-killer